Bill Knight1“Take his Welsh/Afrikaner roots, add a bit of Dylan, Cohen and Waites, soak in Miriam Makeba, Mahlathini & the Mahotella Queens, Amaswazi  Emvelo , add some Tony Bird, David Kramer, the Other Band, Bright Blue and Juluka, shake well, and you come up with a “Kaapse Mengsel”. Skollie a bit of this and a bit of that, and you have “Skollie Rock” – an African Melting Pot.

This best describes Bill Knight, a Singer-Songwriter, Recording Engineer, and Music Activist, and one of South Africa’s, and specifically Cape Town’s; National treasures.

Bill’s music incorporates the sound and rhythms of Cape Town, coupled with insightful and thought-provoking lyrics. Be sure to check out his Mp3 Song Samples.

See Details on Bill Knight’s exclusive Folk music venue and recording studio -The Cottage Club.

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Jenny Eaves @ Cottage Club 06 September jenheaderSEPT14
We are extremely fortunate to snag Jenny Eaves at such short notice. This extraordinarily talented Singer-Songwriter promises to charm us all with her beautiful melodies and moving and insightful Lyrics; along with her masterful piano and guitar work. Jenny has recently enjoyed enormous success at the Barleycorn Music club’s Songwriting competition and at the Cape ...
Laurie Levine @ the Cottage club 12 September laurieheader14
Laurie Levine is a singer-songwriter carving out an original niche in contemporary folk music. Her exciting blend of American roots music and the ‘Nu-Folk’ sound has earned her critical acclaim at home and abroad. She has earned multiple SAMA nominations, won two Standard Bank Ovation Awards and has toured the UK with an international release ...
Heather Mac & Amber Liadan@ Cottage club 29 Aug heather14
Heather Mac – Cape Town’s Queen of Rock and her amazingly Talented Daughter : After an absence of almost two decades from the recording scene, Heather Mac returned in 2011 with a stunning album of original material that’s guaranteed to both earn her a legion of new admirers and satisfy old fans. The songs she will be ...
Philip Malan @ Cottage Club 23 August PHILIPMHeader14
Aug 23 – Philip Malan – Philip is a Master of Finger Style guitar with a strong African flavour, who has performed with Steve Newman, Tony Cox, Errol Dyers, Tinus Van Dyk and Natasha Meister, to mention but a few. “Philip’s music is filled with the storytelling characteristics so often found in folk music but ...
Robin Auld @ Cottage club 16 Aug ROBINheader14
  Sat Aug 16. Robin Auld. From his rock Roots with two of South Africa’s seminal Bands; the Lancaster band, and Z-Astaire, Robin now charms us with his inimitable whimsical blend of his Celtic Roots and African Rhythms that is undeniably Cape Town. A Master Performer and Story-Teller. R120. 7PM.