Die Wasgoedlyn at the Cottage Club

Riku & Jackie Latti with Tonia & Willem Moller

R120 in cash. Bookings Essential 021 7820931 or cottageclub45@gmail.com Doors open 7pm. Show 8pm Bring own Drinks, Snax.

Basson Laubscher at Cottage Club

Fri 18 Oct. R120 in cash.Bookings Essential: 021 7820931 or cottageclub45@gmail.comBring own drinks, snacks.

A blank canvas. An empty page. Total musical expression. This is the blues blueprint which forms the Credo of this Hypnotic Performer.

Laubscher hails from Stellenbosch, continuing the rich musical legacy of the town that has spawned some of the country’s most beloved and critically acclaimed musicians, many of whom have shared a stage, a tent, a kombi and festival stage with Laubscher.

Laubscher’s musical influences and styles are diverse, ranging from Hendrix to Cash, rock to blues, English to Afrikaans. His professional musical career started when he jammed with Bertie Coetzee at school in the first incarnation of what would become Zinkplaat, a road-tested Afrikaans rock band who played hundreds of gigs from the West Coast to London during a decade-long career.

Laubscher has performed alongside countless top names at countless festivals.He

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Celina at Cottage Club

19 October 2019. R100 in cash. Doors open 7pm. Show 8. Bookings Essential: 021 782 0931 0r cottageclub45@gmail.com Bring own Drinks, Snacks.

Celine will be performing an acoustic show at the legendary Cottage Club on Saturday 19 October.Celine will be showcasing her original songs in a stripped-down, acoustic set-up. Her original music is a unique blend of pop and rock with elements of blues and adult contemporary. Expect a show filled with Celine’s memorable and toe-tapping original music as well as the stories behind the songs

Cape Smoke Band at Alma Cafe

Capesmoke band are at Alma Cafe on Sunday 15 Sept. 18:30.

Bookings Essential: 021 689 7377

Richard Tait. Jeremy Stephenson. Bill Knight. Jono Tait.

“Cape Smoke Band”

In the early 1980s, Bill Knight and Lifelong Buddy, Richard Tait, sharing a passion for the Music of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, formed the duo; “Cape Smoke”, performing at numerous Venues and Festivals. They have collaborated over the years in many Projects, as well as pursuing numerous separate interests. 

Bill Knight is a Singer, Song-Poet and Musical Activist, who strongly endorses the Tradition of the Troubadour and Musical Journeyman, as Social Commentator and the Ethical Conscience of Society. He Writes in English and the Afrikaans Vernacular of the Western Cape, and is Dedicated to the Nurturing of an Authentic South African Sound.  

Richard Tait is equally well-known for his involvement in numerous Musical

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Deep South Sessions at Glencairn Hotel.

Saturday 14 Sept. 18.30

Bill Knight, Stone & Moss, Ben& Bro.

R70. Bookings essential hotel@hotelglencairn.co.za or 021 782 0314


The Cottage Club has turned 16! On 23 Aug 2003, Richard Tait and I opened the first Performance at the Cottage Club. 16 years later, it is still going strong, and still totally dedicated to celebrating Local Music. Along with Derek Craig, Seymour Howe and Chris Davidson I’ll be presenting an evening of my own Songs, old and new, join in the Celebration!

R120 in cash. Bookings Essential: 021 7820931 or cottageclub45@gmail.com Doors open 7pm. Show 8pm Bring own drinks, snacks.

Robin Auld.

The Fabulous Robin Auld is back at the Cottage Club. Sat 17 August.

R120 in cash. Bookings essential: 021 7820931 or cottageclub45@gmail.com Doors open 7pm. Show 8pm. Bring own drinks & Snacks.

Robin Auld at Cottage Club

Roots/blues music from Southern African singer, guitarist and writer. Slide guitar, harmonica, African blues guitar stylings and soul vocals all feature in the fresh sound of Robin Auld. He has released over twenty albums, with several top 20 hits in South Africa. Starting out with stints as sideman guitarist in the Steve Walsh Buddies Band and Lancaster Band, he had several hits with the band Z-Astaire throughout the 80’s. His sound has evolved from the poprock of his earlier recordings into a contemporary roots mix. Born in Lusaka, Zambia to Scots parents, Robin’s childhood was spent alternating between Southern Africa and Scotland; a journey reflected in the African and Celtic influences in his music. He learned to play the guitar by listening to Hendrix, Ry Cooder and Neil Young, also absorbing influences from the various guitarists of Southern Africa such as Steve Newman, Madala Kunene, Tony Cox, Philip Tabane

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Cami Scoundrel at Cottage Club

Sat 27 July. R100 in cash. Doors open 7pm, Show 8pm. Bring own Drinks, Snacks. Booking Essential: 021 782 0931 or cottageclub45@gmail.com

Cami Scoundrel is back after a two year sabbatical with a fresh sound that exudes raw feeling and nostalgia. Johannesburg born, Cape Town based, Cami Scoundrel fearlessly takes her ideas where others are scared to tread. One part punk, another part hopeless romantic, Cami weaves her words around simple guitar chord structures, nostalgic for the time before computers took over modern music. A troubadour by nature Cami has traveled the USA, Europe, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Lesotho telling her unique story on stages and street corners of all shapes and sizes. From her days as a young punk and Anthropology student in Johannesburg, to her life in the circus, her political journeys into townships and gang lands, the relevance, raw emotion and magic of her stories

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Upcoming Gigs

Lekker couple of weeks coming up for me: Barleycorn Music Club tonight. With Hatchetman Jono Tait Jennifer Eaves Cape Smoke Band

The Gecko, Hermanus, Thursday Evening.

Berrisford Rose @ the Cottage Club on Friday.

The Buckfever Underground at Cottage Club- Original Folk Music Venue. On Sat 22 June.

CD launch at Fish Hoek Bowling Club on Sat 29 June. “In the blink of an Eye” by Bill Knight. Re-mastered by Robin Auld, released by Shoreline Songs.