Bill Knight’s Poetry/ Lyric Book available Soon

MY IDEA TO RAISE FUNDS FOR THE COTTAGE Cottage Club- Folk Music Venue: by Seymour Howe.


“I have always said that Bill Knight, apart from being a Master at writing Songs, should be recognised as a Poet in the very true sense. His lyrics are deep and meaningful and always brought to you from his Heart and Soul, touching our emotions and inspiring our passions. I discussed this with Bill many years ago and even bought him the book in which to write his Poetry but Life has a way of changing priorities and as such, this never happened. I’m prepared to do the Book composition, layout, artwork and pay for the costs of Publishing a Limited Edition, A5, professionally printed collection of Poetry titled “Harbour and other Stories” – A Selection of Poetry from Bill Knight. I would need a print run of at least 100 books

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Amber Liadan at the Cottage Club

Amber Liadan, Musical Enchantress.

Amber Liadan has a pure, authentic sound, rooted in a Rock and Folk heritage of her musical parents (Heather Mac and Tim Parr, from 80’s rock band – Ella Mental). Her sound influences are Rock, Reggae, supported by rustic open pentatonic guitar tunings covering light and dark notes congruent with her all – powerful voice. Amber Liadan has been living in London for the last 3 years, honing her craft as a musician and developing a strong fan base- proving without doubt that she is an international musical enchantress. In her career she has been support act for Steve Newman, Bill Knight, Tim Parr, Heather Mac, Robin Auld, Kindred Spirit, Time Flies and Native Young.

She recently opened for Arno Carsten at Quay Four, V & A Waterfront, Amber Liadan is a performer not to miss!

” She’s gonna be a star” (Stuart Scully –

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Tim Parr at the Cottage Club

“I dreamt as I crossed the bridge of belief to get to the top of the hill – to my surprise looking me in the eyes was the queen of the impossible. She said “Hey Broer” she said “Broer” three times, it’s true. She said “I’ve got a mission for you.”

Tim is one of our most celebrated Guitarists and Musicians; renowned for his Work with Baxtop, Ellamental, the Zapdragons and the Tim Parr Green World Collective : and numerous collaborations with, (among others), Steve Fataar, Errol Dyers, Steve Walsh, Jack Mantis, Lionel Bastos, Wendy Oldfield, Robin Auld.

In 1996 Tim released a solo album Still Standing, from which the single “If you Rush You Crush” reached No. 4 on 5FM SA, and the songs “Love Will Find A Way” and “Still Standing” both reached No. 1. A timeless gem, 19 years after the album was released, “Still Standing”

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Tinus Van Dyk at the Cottage Club Sat 13 Jan

“Tinus van Dyk is a finger style guitarist , teacher and songwriter from Stellenbosch. His compositions combine his unique approach with and eclectic range of folk influences from around the world. Tinus just released his latest recording entitled “Lifeline” and it is available for download from his website ,

Tinus endorses local luthier built instruments and will be playing guitars by Marc Maingard , Casimi guitars and Mervyn Davis.”

Entrance for the evening: R 130. (Cash at the Door). Arrive at 7.ish -show starts 8.00ish.

Pre-Bookings only! Phone Bill on (021) 782 0931 or mail us at to book or for more info.

Bring your own drinks, hard and soft, (not licensed) and bring your own snacks, (or order Soup of the day for R30.)

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Jennifer Eaves & Jono Tait at the Cottage Club. Fri 12 Jan.

Both Jenny and Jono have built up considerable performance experience over their years in the industry, both as solo performers and as members of and respective creative minds behind popular Cape Town bands Jenny and the James’ and Hatchetman ( The two have developed a new concept project which takes the form of a conversational and very informal “masterclass” type performance. The two engage in a combination of musical performance of solo songs, collaborations and some handpicked covers interspersed with conversations on various topics including music, the industry, songwriting, performance, personal anecdotes and the realities of life as a musician in the 21st century. Together, Jenny and Jono have two sets worth of exquisite, delicate and powerful original music. Their styles, while both adhering to the folk genre, are vastly different in sound, scope and content. The combination of these two powerful voices and musical creators match one another

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Doc MacLean at the Cottage Club

Doc is a weathered, wily, but infinitely likeable storyteller/performer. Writing from the dark side of the blues highway, Doc’s distinctive vocals and bare fingers National guitar plot an intense, emotional remapping of contemporary Delta blues and roots music. Forty-five years ago Doc was playing Charlie Patton songs in Son House’s living room. From back porch to big porch. The storyteller. An emotional remapping of contemporary delta blues. At one time Blues Revue Magazine called him the “Prince of Darkness.” There’s redemption here beyond the simple, acoustic medium – and an appeal that reaches well beyond the Crossroads. It’s a career built on hard travel and performance. Early roots in Mississippi. Chicago. Atlanta. Canada. The Six. Months and years spent living in cars, sleeping on floors, cheap hotels. Repeat appearances at some of America’s best folk and blues venues. A lifetime spent on the Blues Highway with some of its most

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Traveller at the Cottage Club

TRAVELLER – An authentic experience of the Great American Songbook. They play Western, Roots, Bluegrass, Country & Folk music dating back to a time when Music was a way of life, an expression of human existence itself. The heartache, the joy, the work, the play, sin and redemption all rolled into one. They will not compromise the integrity of their sound nor song in favor of modern expectations of the commercial kind. With a stage presence connecting with an audience of all ages and all walks of life, one finds yourself quickly transported to an interesting world of vivid imagery. Whether listening to TRAVELLER’s renditions of old song, or their Own Original Music, it’s easy to find one’s mind wandering into the deep of the human heart as well as the pleasures we all share with some good old laughter medicine and a choice selection of very well known

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Tina Schouw at the Cottage Club

Tina Schouw is a ‘heartist’ who uses music and words as a medium for healing and inspiration. She is a singer/ guitarist; a songwriter, a storyteller; a performer; a teacher and inspirational speaker. Her music is an eclectic blend of folk, jazz, pop and Brazilian.

“I regard myself as a spiritual and cultural warrior whose role as an artist in society is to write and perform work that reflects personal and humane issues which affects us all. Music is the gift bestowed on artists to bring light into the world. It is my intention that through my reflections on love, life and humanity, that the work of my music and writing, will be a mirror that heals and inspires all to grow and see ourselves as enough and to recognise that everyone and everything on this planet matters.”

Tina performs locally and abroad. Her international appearances include performances in

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Auriol Hays at the Cottage Club.

Auriol Hays at the Cottage Club.


The Rumi quote (‘We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust’) was jotted in my first songbook when I decided to become a musician,” Auriol confirms in introduction as to what can best be described as the most enlightened stage of the truly gifted artist’s life yet.

“This particular quote has great significance, as I believe that all we can do, while we are here, is try to understand love in all its various forms. In the end that is what makes us human. It’s what drives me both on and off stage…”

Authentic and sincere are but a few words that best describe Ms. Hays’ musicality. Blessed with a powerful, sultry thick-as-molasses voice the SAMA nominated songwriter unseats her audience. Deep, delightful and a mirror reflection of life experiences – Auriol Hays is no mere musician. She is a

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The Legendary Larry Amos


The Legendary Larry Amos is at the Cottage Club this Friday 22 September.


Co- Founder of BAXTOP, the LARRY AMOS BLUES BAND, THE NAUGHTY BOYS, and collaborator with Tim Parr, Fuzzy Marcus, Bruce Williams, Robbie Robb, Willem Fourie,  Johnny Fourie, Alistair Cokley, Mike Faure, George Worthmore, Jethro Butho, Julian Laxton, Mike Slavin, Shaun Phillips, Ronnie Domp, Willem Van Der Merwe and numerous others.



Entrance for the evening: R 150. (Cash at the Door). Arrive at 7.00ish -show starts 8.00ish.

Pre-Bookings only! Phone Bill on (021) 782 0931 or mail us at to book or for more info.

Bring your own drinks, hard and soft, (not licensed) and bring your own snacks, (or order Soup of the day for R30.)

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