Hatchetman @ Cottage Club 18 April

Hatchetman is a dynamic trio consisting of Jono Tait , Matt and Nick Catto. Together, the three are able to conjure otherworldly harmony in a distinctly acoustic idiom. Their music is rootsy and straight from the heart. Soulful songwriting and introspective lyricism combine to draw the listener right into the nucleus of their world. There is no lead vocalist in Hatchetman. The exquisite and seamless blend of the three voices is what truly defines their sound. A fellow muso was moved to comment that “we haven’t heard that sound since Crosby, Stills and Nash!” Influences range wildly, from Neil Young, CSN and The Beatles to Sting and the Red Hot Chili Peppers; there’s truly something for everyone.  Jono Tait – vox, guitar Nick Catto – vox, bass Matt Catto – vox, cajon

Booking essential 021 785 5052 or cottageclub@mweb.co.za R120

Robin Auld @ Cottage Club 11 April


Robin Auld: Rock, Folk, Blues, with a taste of Africa; and engaging Stories. Robin has been an integral part of the local Music scene for decades, having been in numerous seminal bands like the Lancaster Band, the Steve Walsh Roots Rhythm Band, and Z Astaire. Robin just gets better and better and more prolific as the years roll by. R140    http://www.robinauld.co.za/



Jenny Eaves @ Cottage Club 28 March


Jenny Eaves: One of our finest Songwriters; with finely-crafted music on Guitar and Piano with superlative Lyrics.(Jenny received an ecstatic response at the recent Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Festival at Kirstenbosch) Her new Song, “David & Goliath” is a tribute to the Firemen and Volunteers who sprang into heroic action against the recent horrific wildfires in the South Peninsula. R140

Jenny will be joined by James Hall & James Harvey



Scarecrows in the field ( Bill Knight & Chris Davidson) 21 March

 “Scarecrows in a Field”: Bill Knight & Chris Davidson.

Chris Davidson, “the Baard of the Bay”, is a seasoned Songwriter best known for his memorable work with “the Lentil Collective”.


Bill Knight is well known as a lyrical Balladeer, Folklorist, and Storyteller.

These fine Songwriters join forces on a project of co-writing entitled “Scarecrows in a Field.”

“A band of them: reclusive half-forgotten Balladeers are scattered around South Africa. Weathered, weary dressed all in black with gravediggers’ hats; they’ll pass around Tales… and Prophesy with uncanny accuracy and historicize with earthy rhythms, the stories of South African Folk….all the people in this, the strangest of places” Alice Inggs, Rolling Stone Magazine.  https://www.facebook.com/Billknightsingersongwriter


Bookings essential: 021 785 5052 or cottageclub@mweb.co.za R 120.

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Blacksmith @ Cottage club 15 March (sunday)

Blacksmith Band. The ever-green Blacksmith return to our Stage with their inimitable mix of Celtic, Bluegrass, Country and Folk delivered in their characteristic expertise and good humour. Original Band members Neil Harvey & Nielen Prinsloo are joined by James Harvey, James Hall and Carlo Bodeli. R140. Booking essential 0217855052 or cottageclub@mweb.co.za



see previous shows: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.707720569290020.1073741932.280022602059821&type=3

Wren Hinds @ cottage club 14 March


Singer songwriter guitarist Wren Hinds (of Durban folk rock group Hinds Brothers Band) is set to perform at the Cottage club for the first time…

With an honest approach to crafting songs, Hinds continues touring, artist collaborations and a highly anticipated follow-up release with Hinds Brothers Band in store for 2015.

Wren Hinds has performed extensively throughout South Africa & Isreal, including festival appearances at Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen, White Mountain, Dullstroom Winter Festival and some of the country’s most charming theatres.

BOOKING essential cottageclub@mweb.co.za 0217855052 R120

MORE ABOUT WREN HINDS: Wren Hinds is a singer songwriter and guitarist from Ramsgate, Southeast Africa and a founding member of the SAMA nominated folk rock group- The Hinds Brothers.

The brothers’ critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ocean of Milk’ was released on South African independent record label South Sea Records in early 2014 & features some of the country’s finest musicians. ‘Ocean of

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Piet Botha & Jake Gunn 28 Feb

Piet Botha is the Granddaddy of South African Blues. His early bands “Wilderbeest” and “Jackhammer” are the stuff of legend. He has been a Mentor to many of our now famous bands, like “Akkedis”, (Arthur and Rudi Dennis) working together with Piet as “the Lyzyrd Kyngs”; and more recently, Jake Gunn. Piet’s remarkable Folk-Rock album, “Spookpsalms” remains a sought-after collector’s piece, along with his many others.

Jake Gunn is an up and coming blues rock musician hailing from the northern suburbs of Cape Town. After discovering rock ‘n roll at a young age, he was inspired to start playing guitar and worked tirelessly to improve his skill. The launch of Gunn’s first album “Triple Jack”, recorded in the winter of 2012, was met with great praise and a favourable review in Rolling Stone magazine. Containing a wide range of original songs, as well as one cover, the album showcases Gunn’s

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Reine Adelbert @ Cottageclub 31 Jan

Corporate veteran, lawyer and songwriter sharing insights from a rich diversity of experiences. Finger-style guitarist, Reini has been performing since the 70’s and is a regular at local and upcountry music venues. Dabbling in Jazz, Rock and Boma styles with various line-ups over the years, his enduring love is for acoustic Afro-blues with provocative lyrics. He has recorded 6 albums – most recently ‘Leave your light on’ which is enjoying airtime on local radio stations.  Reini is joined by Jamie Jupiter  http://reiniadelbert.co.za/


Christian Castell @ Cottageclub

Bill Knight, a Singer-Songwriter, Recording Engineer, and Music Activist, and one of South Africa’s, and specifically Cape Town’s; National treasures. Bill’s music incorporates the sound and rhythms of Cape Town, coupled with insightful and thought-provoking lyrics.

Christian Castell’s family is steeped in music. A pro Jazz singing Mamma, a Julliard trained Concert Pianist Uncle & a Brother who toured with Joan Baez. Christian picked up a guitar aged 44 and proceeded to document his life of addiction and love through music. A colourful past inspired Christian to write about religion, cheap women, fast cars, all lyrically spell bounding, entrapped in melodies of blues, rock, folk & jazz. When Christian performs The Jackanory solo, the honesty hushes the rowdiest of crowds. “My love of all music is portrayed through so many different genres……….” see more on the The Jackanory Story

 www.000000.co.uk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRsywow5cDg https://soundcloud.com/christian-castell

14 February- 7pm-  R120 Booking essential 0217855052

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Wendy Oldfield & Lionel Bastos @ Cottageclub17 Jan

Wendy Oldfield & Lionel Bastos One with Lionel Bastos Lionel Bastos will be showcasing the last 30 years of her illustrious career. Wendy’s use of melody and rhyme woven into the meaningful songs she sings really exposes her as a modern day troubadour and together with Lionel’s amazing guitaring and beautiful voice, produce some exceptional music (Lionel also performs a few of his songs). They will take you up down and around a marvellous rollercoaster of sound and emotions – are easy going with conversation flowing between them and the audience, lots of laughter, and you can feel the complete ease that Wendy and Lionel have with each other and their place on the stage. Both Wendy and Lionel have many nominations and awards lining their shelves but the proof is in the pudding when you come and experience them live. R150.00 Booking ESSENTIAL cottageclub@mweb.co.za 0217855052

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