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New Cottage ClubWhat we are about @ the Cottage Club.

The Cottage Club was created and is run by Bill Knight, a renowned local Folk musician-singer-songwriter and Musical Activist; and is now situated in the central Fish Hoek Valley.  We embrace everything from Folk (in the widest possible sense) Blues and Classical – anything with Passion.In many ways, this is “Voorkamer Music”.  Performers love the Warmth of the Room, and the attentive and respectful Audience. We have found the Club is an important forum for Musicians to Perform, meet, collaborate, and network, and for Patrons to celebrate a common passion and to make lasting friendships.

Our Stage has been blessed with Veteran Local Legends, Troubadours, Instrumental Virtuosos and upcoming Performers who subscribe to the same Principles . We  pride ourselves with having our “regular” musicians  but balance this with the showcasing of  new musicians. Some of our regulars are ; Valliant Swart, Koos Kombuis ,Tony Cox, Steve Newman,Roger Lucey and of course, Bill Knight. (see who has played on the list below).

We meet, generally twice a month and can  seat about 35.  Folks bring their own Drinks, Hard & Soft, and their own Snacks.We  usually have a roaring fire in winter and  guests picnic on the lawn in summer.

Since we’re in a Residential area, and we respect our Neighbors, we don’t do Kit Drums or Electric Bass.    We take pre-bookings only and don’t encourage walk-ins . The Club is a NGO dedicated to the celebration, nurturing and development of Local Music, especially original Music, even more so Kaapse Music. This is not a business enterprise, but a Cultural Club. An admission Fee covers the Performer and the Sound Engineer.

Contact us to book or play at the cottage club ph 021 782 0931 or email

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See photo-show of musicians that have played at the Cottage Club over the past few years

Who’s played at the Cottage Club: June 2019.
Koos Kombuis, Valiant Swart, Robin Auld, Ian Bell, Richard Tait, Steve Newman, Tony Cox ,Syd Kitchen, Roger Lucey, Rayelle Goodman, Bill Knight, Seymour Howe, Marlene Laros, Lee Jones, Sam Paddock ,Elma Gildenhuys, Marc Maingard, Nate Maingard, John Gnodde, David Muller, Nick Le Mesurier, Ronnie Domp, Matt Allison, Pete Van Heerden, Richard Haslop, Keith Cattell, Katie Cattell, Kieran Cattell, Brendon Bussey, Tinus Van Dyk, David Starke ,Derek Gripper, Rian Malan, Timon Wapenaar, Heather Mac, Mark Harris, Amber Parr, Roger Bashew, Paul Q Dirksen, Mike Dirksen, Jamie Jupiter, Lani Pieters, Chris Davidson, Will Wallace, Alex Bozas, Graham Paddock, Anton Kelly, Daniele Pascal, Julia Conradie, Derek Luisegang, Gale Mc All, Chris Tokalon, Paul Abro, Cherith Bain ,Guy Buttery, Caroline Blundell, Dave Williams, Nibs Van Der Spuy, James Hall, John Williams, Vincent Hare, Neil Johnson, Dave Ornellas, Gabs Marchand, Jonny Blundell ,Terrence Scarr, Reini Adelbert, Stephan Willemse, Nick Jones, Jono Tait, Glen Swart,
Gareth Smit, Luna Paige, Gerald Clark, Shannon Hope, Laurie Levine, Lize Wiid, Jennifer Eaves, Jess Gammon, Dan Adams, Natasha Meister, Andrew James, James Kaye (Van Minnen), James Harvey, Neil Harvey, Carlo Bidoli, Neilen Prinsloo, Robbie Stemmett, Willem Van Der Merwe, Piet Botha & Lzyrd Kyngs, Arthur Dennis & Rudi Dennis (Akkedis), Jack Mantis, Courtney Cook, Emma-Jean Beattie, Raphael Bromilow, Jethro Tait, Harry Schein, Carla Conradie, Daniel Gadd, Tim Parr, Robbie Stemmett, Willem van Der Merwe, Shawn Phillips, Josie Field, Blacksmith, Philip Malan, Digby & the Lullaby, Alan Jones, Clive Maash, Fiona Tozer, Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby, Dan Wilson, Dave Ledbetter, Amanda Tiffin, Shawn Phillips, Lionel Bastos, Wendy Oldfield, Auriol Hays, Wild Lettuce, Dax Butler, Scarecows-in-a-Field, Gavin Minter, Mark Fransman, Cathy Raven, Wren Hinds, Faye Oakes, Dax Butler, Tonia Moller, Maya-Rose Torrao, Kyla-Rose Smith, Jenny & the Jameses, Gert Vlok Nel, Hatchetman, Meri Kenaz, Cameron Bruce, Jann Close, Beccy Cole, Steve Fataar, Errol Dyers, Carly Nauta, Ilanna-Joy Wells, Hedley Lewis, Emma-Jean Beattie, Sarah McArthur, Ebeneze Ginsberg, Mary Anne Constable, Angel Rose, Doc MacLean, Hezron Chetty, CJ Duckett, Jeanre Leo, Ann Jangle, Basson Laubscher, Jean & Tamara, Jake Gunn, Doc MacLean, Reg Meuross, Lucy Kruger, Andre Leo, Thr3 Point Landing, Steve Van, Eugene Van Pletzen, Rowan Stuart, Adamu DaSilva, Tailor, Tanja Storm, Jessica Garvie, Fintry, Edi Niederlander, Anni Hvidsten, Marcia Moon, Gaelle Greenwood, Nino Rivera, Brydon Bolton, Virgil Ellis, Malcolm Aberdien, Josh Knight, Cape Smoke Band, Tina Schouw, Rowan Stuart, Willem Moller, Tonia Moller (Selley), Jannie (Hanepoot) van Tonder, Dave Goldblum, Alanna Joy & the Joyboys, Julie Baker, Belinda Van Zee, Gravel Road, Vilcabamba, Clive Maasch, Berrisford-Rose, Derek Craig, Cami Scoundrel,
How to get to the Cottage Club.
  1. 2nd Crescent, Fish Hoek. 021 782 0931. 
  1. Go down the Blue Route (M7 South): go over the Ou Kaapse Weg. Pass the Longbeach Mall on your right. At the 4-way stop, turn left towards Fish Hoek.

Turn Left into 9th Avenue, Pass over Grysbok Road, cross Recreation road diagonally into 2nd Crescent. Number 33 is on your right, towards the end of the block.


2. Go down the Coastal Route, Main Road-via Lakeside, Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek.

Go into Fish Hoek Main Road, at the BP Petrol Station, turn Right into De Waal Road then take the Second Right into 2nd Crescent. Number 33 is on your left of the second block.