Latest release : “Birds of a Feather”: Scarecrows in a Field. (2017)










1. Two of a Kind
2. The Road
3. Adam’s Cave
4. Killing Crows
5. The Dark Moonlight Road
6. Deeper down the Mine
7. Crush
8. All ye who enter here.
9. Jesus, don’t come back
10. Phoenix
11. Follow the Raven
12. Bird in hand.

All Songs by Scarecrows in a Field: © Bill Knight, Chris Davidson.

Bill Knight. Guitars, Vocals, Blues-harp.
Chris Davidson: Guitar, Voice.
Rayelle Goodman: Violin.
Fat Strings, Stephan Willemse.

Artwork: Grant.

(P) 2017.


 Scarecrows in a Field. (With Chris Davidson).

  1. Heark, Heark (the Dogs do bark.)
  2. Where are the Crows
  3. Dream catcher
  4. Waiting for the rain
  5. Thus spake the Crow
  6. The Grass is greener
  7. Prometheus
  8. Ghost Ship
  9. Hungry little crow
  10. Long, Long Time
  11. Of Angels, and of Crows
  12. Shrike
  13. Tarentaal Blues
  14. This old World
  15. When the Crow Flies
  16. A Murder of Crows
  17. Cathedral


Chris Davidson; Vocals, Guitar.

Bill Knight; Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica.

James Hall; Violin.

James Harvey; Accordion.

Jennifer Eaves; Vocals.

Jessica McCarthy: Vocals

Peter Sutherland; Artwork

Gale McAll; original Photography

All Songs Copyright. Chris Davidson, Bill Knight

Recorded at the Cottage Club Studio July 2015


Bill’s CD: Old Dogs – New tricks

Released September 2012

Two themes dominate:

Firstly, the long Tradition of Folk-Roots music, Music of the Ordinary People, Music of Social commentary, of Bardic Ballads, Sagas and Folktales. It’s a Tale of a Troubadour, a Travelling Singer, a Maskanda Man, going back to the earliest Fireside Tales. This is the Tradition which I follow and hold so dear.

Secondly it’s a final Coming of Age, (many Cultures only consider you a Full-Grown Man once your Father dies).

Once I lost my Parents, and started losing Friends and contemporaries, it felt like reaching a Final Maturity – finally in the Firing Line. This strikes me as so similar those young men (the same age as us) in the First World War, unwillingly compelled to clamber out of the dubious safety of the trenches, over the barbed wire, into inevitable Slaughter. This Album is dedicated to all those, who like myself, were unwillingly conscripted into a Damaging War – an Inner Conflict of Duty, Shame, Obligation, Honour and Fear.- and to those on the other side of the barbed wire fence, who went their own nightmares.

Bill Knight – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Blues Harp
Alan Ratcliffe – Sampling, Midi, Drums, Electric bass, Final Mix & Master, Production
James Hall – Violin
The Flying Lizards (Richard & Jono Tait) – Vocals
Lani Pieters – Vocals
Lize Wiid – Accordion, Vocals
Hilton Vermaas- Double Bass
Gale Mc All – Cello, violin.
Marc Maingard- Harmonica, Vocals.
Rayelle Goodman- Violin.

Bill’s CD: Brakwater

Released Dec 2008

Brakwater is the third in the Sout en Sand Trilogy – continuing the themes explored on Sout and Dorsland.

It continues to explore the Peoples and Places of the Weskus and Namibia, a celebration of the resilience of Folk in a harsh and hostile environment, and the perennial need for self-determination.

From the whimsy of “Anywhere but here” to the Joy of “Fyn”, to the stark menace of “Brakwater”, this Album encompasses the themes of the Trilogy, but also stands alone on its own merits.

Musicians:Lani Pieters, John Gnodde, Cherith Bain, Gale McAll, Seymour Howe, Chris Tokalon, Hilton Vermaas.

  •  Anywhwere but here
  • Fyn
  • Stadig(oor die klippe)
  • Brakwater
  • Little by little
  • Simple Love
  • Troubled times
  • Hear me calling
  • Vaaljapie
  • Rough passage


Bill’s CD: Dorsland

Released April 2008

TheNorth-westernCapeandNamibiahave long held a fascination for me.

The countryside is stark, bleak and amazingly beautiful, a “Dorsland” both physical and spiritual.  Born in the Kalahari inBotswana, I learned at an early age to appreciate the subtleties of the Desert, and the simple hospitality and “help-mekaar” of isolated communities.I also developed a fascination for the motley bands of immigrants who crossed the borderland from the south – the Oorlamse, the Namas and the Basters. They were mixed groups of Koi-san, escaped convicts, deserters, Adventurers and absconded Slaves, all driven by a need for freedom and to determine their own destinies. They formed themselves into Kommando bands, elected a democratic Leader, the “Kaptein” from which we get that familiar phrase “hello Keptin”. They were adept Horsemen and skilled Shots. They raised cattle, rustled cattle, raided passers-by, and bickered with the local tribes. They were Bandits to some, heroes to others.

They are a hardy, stoic and tenacious People, as easily given to laughter as to tears, with a love of Stories, music and celebration.

Of course there’s a further significance for those of my generation who unwillingly served time in the Borderland with Uncle Magnus’s Adventure Safaris


I dedicate “Dorsland” to them and all People who thirst for Freedom. self-determination and Dignity, who have the courage to travel beyond the Borderlands into the unknown, to wrestle a Life out of raw Nature, and staying true to the simple ethics of Community.

Musicians: Lani Pieters, Robin Auld, Seymour Howe, Gale McAll, Cherith Bain, the “Dorsland Volkskoor”.

  • Dorsland
  • Bitterfontein
  • Dolos
  • Borderland
  • Soek die reen
  • KhakiBoer
  • Sondebok
  • Tell me
  • Jonker
  • Journey to the interior
  • Stop van myne

 Bill’s CD: Sout

Released August 2007

 “Sout” is Peopled by Lonely Travelers, Rogues, Heroes and Vagabonds. Part Myth, part Reality, part Present, part Past. These are Songs for the Fallen, the battered,  the bruised but somehow hopeful. The tattered remnants of a faded band of Partisans who have had every value challenged, so many battles lost and so many fallen in the line of Duty, and who have nothing left to hold onto but the Love for each other. Salt for the blue sea, Salt for the Souties, Sunset on a saltpan, Salt for the Flavour, Salt for the Mengsel, Salt in my hair, Salt in the blood, Salt in my tears, Salt for the Healing. Sout is for you, Gentle Listener, faithful Friend – Salt of the earth.

Musicians:Rian Malan, Roger Lucey, Lani Pieters, John Gnodde, Raelle Goodman, Seymour Howe, Terxia Chegwidden, Gale McAll, Kyle Howe.

  •  NuwejaarsWals
  • Sout
  • Grace Notes
  • Lissin
  • Oktober Reen
  • Smoke & mirrors
  • Black dog
  • Oorlamse kommando
  • Restless heart
  • Silver
  • Dear Mother
  • Fullness of time

 Bill’s CD: Kaapse Mengsel

Released January 2007

“Kaapse Mengsel” is a selection of 15 of Bill’s most popular Songs, all recently re-arranged and newly-recorded.

This is an excellent introduction to Bill’s Music, if you don’t have any of his previous Releases, and for Stalwart Fans, the new arrangements and recordings on “Kaapse Mengsel” provide a fresh look at many of Bill’s well-loved Songs Considered by David Marks to be the best of Bill’s Recordings yet.

The superb Musicians assisting in this Project are: Seymour Howe, Terxia Chegwidden, Timon Wapenaar, John Gnodde, Willem De Ridder, Gale McAll and Guillaume Chevalier

  • Harbour
  • Kaapse Draai
  • Storm Shanty
  • Through your window
  • Hill of no return
  • Who are the Africans
  • Bitterbessie
  • Rain-down
  •  Loving eyes
  • After the Rinderpest
  • Hope enough
  • Home (slightly unsetteled)
  • Melting pot
  • My Fathers Hands
  • More of the same


Bill’s CD: Back against the Wall

Released November 2004

From the joyous opening track, “Melting Pot”, via the irreverent “Shoot the Janitor”, and the heart-rending “ My Father’s eyes” to the contemplative closing track, “Back against the Wall”, Bill Knight’s new album is a collection of finely -crafted Songs for the discerning listener.

It features eight new original Songs, an exciting re-working of “Bobbejaan Blues”, and, unusually for Bill, two cover versions of Songs by dear Friends – Hilton Vermaas (“Still Here”), and David Marks (“Master Jack”).

Aided and abetted by the wonderfully talented Roger Lucey (sax & whistles), Rae Goodman (violin), Seymour Howe (vocals), and Kyle Howe (drums and djembe); Bill weaves his multi-layered Lyrics around haunting melodies in his characteristic “ Kaapse Mengsel” style,refreshingly free of Hype and Pretense.

  •  Melting Pot
  • Fugitive
  • Bobbejaan Blues
  • Old Man
  • Shoot the Janitor
  • Master Jack
  • Witness
  • My Father’s Hands
  • Still Here
  • More of the Same
  • Back against the Wall


Bill’s CD: After the Rinderpest

Released 2002

The Scene is the CapeColonyborder, late 19th century, a terrible plague, the Rinderpest (rather like Foot & Mouth), has decimated the livestock and lives of the Boers, Brits and Amaxhosa alike. The infected animals have to be piled in pits and burned. The land is covered in smoke and weeping. The scene segues into the terrible fires on TableMountainat the end of the 20th Century, it seems as though Hell has burst its gates, and out of the smoke staggers a ragged figure in his kerk-pak, clutching a guitar and a copy of his new CD “After the Rinderpest”.

Bill’s fourth CD, “After the Rinderpest” is a personal journey of absolution from our history of intolerance, fear and mistrust. This is an entirely home-grown product – recorded and engineered in his cottage-studio, “A Little Knight Music”, and self produced and distributed. Aided and abetted by friends, family, comrades and fellow sufferers, the list of credits is impressive:

Musicians:Seymour Howe, Roger Lucey, Terrence Scarr, Richard Tait, Terxia Chegwidden, Rae Goodman, James Kaye, Ian Bell, Gale Mc All. –  Koos Turenhout of Ivory Tower Studios did the mastering.

From the dark brooding first track, “After the Rinderpest” to the exhalative last track “Hope Enough“, the album is a hypnotic journey of discovery, and while being refreshingly lacking in heavy handed production techniques, is warm, personal, and unarguably authentic and honest.

  • After the Rinderpest
  • Raindown
  • Seaforth Burying Ground
  • Die Sukkelsaad
  • Pollsmoor Prison
  • Warlord
  • Perhaps
  • KimberleyBlue
  • Medicine for the Melancholy
  • Loving Eyes
  • Smitswinkel Calling
  • Bobbejaan Boggom
  • Leaving Rain
  • Home (Slightly Unsettled)
  • Hope Enough

 The CD: Through Your Window

Released 1997

Bill’s first CD was released in August 1997. This album, titled Through Your Window, contains 14 extremely listenable tunes from this highly talented artist – from the driving Afro rock “Mbube” to the melancholy “Harbour”, reflecting the feel ofKalkBay and its unique culture. The five piece band puts down a tight set of harmonies, a bass line that talks and drums and percussion that are up there amongst the best.

All the songs were written by Bill Knight, and the CD features Bill on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Carolyn Blundell and Seymour Howe on vocals, Hilton Vermaas on bass and vocals, and Daniel Darlow on drums and percussion. The recording was completed in one marathon 6½ hour session on 16 June 1997 at The Music Room,Cape Townand was engineered by Dirk Van Straten.

  • Who are the Africans
  • African daydream
  • Harbour
  • Way of the world
  • Through your window
  • Kaapse draai
  • Storm shanty
  • Time
  • Peaceful Bay
  • Bitterbessie
  • Peace dance
  • Stoffertjie reen
  • Mbube
  • Hill of no return
  • Pollsmoor Prison
  • Varkie

Many of the songs were featured in “Harbour, the Kalk Bay Musical”, scripted by Seymour Howe, performed by Bill, and with David Muller as “Tommy”. The last two tracks were added in 2011.