“Scarecrows in a Field”.

Scarecrows in a Field is collaboration between two of the Country’s finest Singer-Songwriters; Chris Davidson and Bill Knight.

Chris is a Muizenberg-based Poet, Founder-member of the quirky and celebrated “Lentil Collective”, and a Songwriter of Note, who produces Moving Songs of Deep Insight and Power.
Chris can’t read music, finds math is a problem, and maintains that we all have unique mythologies. He prefers to perform in small intimate venues, and around his kitchen table. As a Street-side Philosopher, Chris has given himself permission to continue to reinvent his reality.

Bill Knight, Poet, South African Singer-Songwriter, Storyteller, Weaver of Tall Tales and Short Truths, layers his authentic contemporary Cape-Folk music with poetic lyrics of depth and intensity. His “Kaapse Mengsel” Style, written in a characteristic “Bredie” of English and “Kombuistaal” (the dialect of the Western Cape), provides a personal but universal insight into the not-so-ordinary lives of everyday people, drawing strongly on Myth, Mystery, Legend and Folk- Lore.

Bill freely admits to being a “KhakieBoer”- half Brit, half Boer- with all the tensions that such a blend suggests, but his Fireside Ballads and Torch-songs are more universal than any divisions that might be expected.

They both subscribe strongly to the Ethics and Traditions of the Troubadours- Minstrels and Social Commentators; ranging from the Myths and legends in the Fireside Tales of Early Man, to the Welsh Bardic Tales, Scandinavian Sagas, and the Political Activists of the Middle Ages.

Together, they are a Force to be reckoned with. Their Work explores the Paradoxes of the Crow and the Dove, the Light and Dark, the Duality and Contrast of the Human Condition- sometimes light-hearted, sometimes shockingly visceral, always Authentic.
They have recently released their second CD, “Birds of a Feather” to much critical acclaim.


“Birds of a Feather” download on Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/birds-of-a-feather/id1273990057