Tim Parr at the Cottage Club

“I dreamt as I crossed the bridge of belief to get to the top of the hill – to my surprise looking me in the eyes was the queen of the impossible. She said “Hey Broer” she said “Broer” three times, it’s true. She said “I’ve got a mission for you.”

Tim is one of our most celebrated Guitarists and Musicians; renowned for his Work with Baxtop, Ellamental, the Zapdragons and the Tim Parr Green World Collective : and numerous collaborations with, (among others), Steve Fataar, Errol Dyers, Steve Walsh, Jack Mantis, Lionel Bastos, Wendy Oldfield, Robin Auld.

In 1996 Tim released a solo album Still Standing, from which the single “If you Rush You Crush” reached No. 4 on 5FM SA, and the songs “Love Will Find A Way” and “Still Standing” both reached No. 1. A timeless gem, 19 years after the album was released, “Still Standing” reached the top 4 in the International Songwriters Awards of 2015 in USA. The album, a treasure of afro jive rock which has a truly unique South African sound, was released in limited quantities, now regarded as a collector’s item.

We’re Delighted to Feature Tim at the Cottage Club once again- don’t be surprised if he invites a Mystery Guest along!


Entrance for the evening: R 130. (Cash at the Door).
Arrive at 7.ish -show starts 8.00ish.

Pre-Bookings only! Phone Bill on (021) 782 0931 or mail us at cottageclub45@gmail.com to book or for more info.

Bring your own drinks, hard and soft, (not licensed) and bring your own snacks, (or order Soup of the day for R30.)

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