Traveller at the Cottage Club

TRAVELLER – An authentic experience of the Great American Songbook. They play Western, Roots, Bluegrass, Country & Folk music dating back to a time when Music was a way of life, an expression of human existence itself. The heartache, the joy, the work, the play, sin and redemption all rolled into one. They will not compromise the integrity of their sound nor song in favor of modern expectations of the commercial kind. With a stage presence connecting with an audience of all ages and all walks of life, one finds yourself quickly transported to an interesting world of vivid imagery. Whether listening to TRAVELLER’s renditions of old song, or their Own Original Music, it’s easy to find one’s mind wandering into the deep of the human heart as well as the pleasures we all share with some good old laughter medicine and a choice selection of very well known crowd-pleasing memories, which is what a “Great Show” is all about. All in all, there’s something for everyone in an audience that sits back, relaxes and hears what this group has to offer.
JEAN RAS’s Thumping Acoustic 12-String Guitar augmented by Blues Harp/Harmonica gallops like a Stallion with TAMARA MIHAL’s River-like Soaring Vocal Harmonizing, tingling like an intimate dance between lovers while MARITZA ROXANNE’s Foot-stomping Gut-Felt-Edgy Bass Rhythms lift the whole thing off the ground like barn full of jumping cows!

Entrance for the evening: R 130. (Cash at the Door).
Arrive at 7.00ish -show starts 8.00ish.

Pre-Bookings only! Phone Bill on (021) 782 0931 or mail us at to book or for more info.

Bring your own drinks, hard and soft, (not licensed) and bring your own snacks, (or order Soup of the day for R30.)